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27 August 2013

FGS 2013 Dunham-Singletary Family Connections Delegate Report

The Federation of Genealogical Society 2013 Conference was held in Fort Wayne, Indiana on August 21-24. The Dunham-Singletary Family Connections society joined FGS this past spring. Everything on my “to do” list has been moved to the “done” list. The conference more than met my expectations.

Tuesday evening the delegates enjoyed a meet and great. This was a great time to meet the board members, other delegates and ask questions. As this is our first year as FGS members, I pestered all the board members who graciously answered many basic questions.

Wednesday Cyndi Howells started us off by asking if the society website presents the association to the best advantage. FGS offers assistance and free content critique to society members. See the FGS website for more information on how societies become FGS members.

Social Media Explained: Larry Bodine Law Marketing Blog at

Besides networking, societies were promoted in several ways including notes on the bulletin board, several tables to place free literature, and Society Tables immediately behind the FGS booth at the entrance to the vendor area.  Exposure to the Dunham-Singletary Family Connections was by bulletin board, fliers on the free literature table and contact with other society members at their table.

FGS 2014 “Gone to Texas” will be in San Antonio, Texas on August 27-30, 2014. Start planning.

FGS 2015 will be a combined conference with Roots Tech.

Sorry that I did not post a report earlier. This is a lot for me to learn and process. More articles on FGS to follow.

16 August 2013

WW I photos from Frank Taylor to Delcie Taylor, Vienna, Illinois postmark June 2, 1919

American Graves Prum, Germany 1919
Family histories are in photographs; genealogy is in dates. The genealogy is the bones and skeleton on which to hang the family history of photographs, diaries, and oral traditions.
About 40 plus photographs are looking for their skeleton, their family. Would a genealogical society, historical society, library, museum or family provide the exposure and love that these deserve?
The photos dated 1918-1919 are from Frank Taylor to his sister Delcie Taylor, Vienna, Illinois.

Also, I have photos taken of the building of a bridge between Illinois and Kentucky over the Ohio River probably a few years earlier looking for permanent exposure and love. A few of the river photos may be viewed at the article on “Genealogy: How to identify photographs” at

If interested contact me, Selma Blackmon, or see me and the photos at Federation of Genealogical Society Conference in Fort Wayne, IN next week.

circa 1919

18 July 2013

Start now to pack for the Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference

The Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference will meet in FortWayne, IN on August 21-24, 2013. Start packing your suitcase both mentally and physically. Set aside a corner of the room to collect must have items. What must you bring to a genealogy conference? What must you bring to FGS? Everyone will answer these questions differently.

The following is my list of must bring items to FGS.
  • Dunham family association fliers – the Dunham Singletary Family Connections Association joined the FGS family of genealogical societies this spring.
  • Business cards – great for networking
  • Netbook – preloaded with updated genealogical program, data base and conference syllabus
  • Camera – photos of friends
  • Walking shoes – plenty of exercise strolling between the lectures and vendors
  • Credit cards, cash, or coins – for machines and vendor purchases
  • Snacks – as my food choice is limited
  • Pillow – for back comfort
  • Yarn – knitting helps me concentrate, keeps my though process in a straight line

All of the above are vital and some items are already in the packing corner. Also, significant is my upbeat attitude to learn:
  • new ideas (my way is not the only way to do something)
  • about new products (expand my tools)
  • ways to use current products (make use of what I already have)
  • research methodology (lectures and networking)

What else will I pack? With the above list, not much will be left at home. This year, I have added a smart phone. Hopefully, I am smart enough to use it. I have added the Evernote program Hello for scanning business cards and adding other contact information. The usual comfortable clothing and slippers for the hotel room are a must. Along with my daily vitamins for physical strength, I will pack my Bible and readings for daily spiritual strength.

See you at FGS in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

13 July 2013

FGS Conference August 21-24, 2013 in Fort Wayne, Indiana – come and join us!

The Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference will be held August 21-24, 2013 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. As volunteer ambassadors, we are given “assignment” questions to write about on our blog. The following paragraphs include the questions and my responses.

The answers to the following two questions flow together. How do you make your conference schedule? How do you select which lectures to attend?
·         After deciding my current research goals and educational interests:

  • ·         Read the schedule
  • ·         Eliminate lectures off topic of my personal goals
  • ·         Read the syllabus
  • ·         Study the schedule
  • ·         Study the syllabus
  • ·         Eliminate lectures previously attended at other conferences, webinars, or articles
  • ·         Mark sessions that will be taped for possible purchase
  • ·         Attend lectures of speakers who are known to add extra slides not in outline
  • ·         Attend lectures of speakers I have not heard before or are recommended by other attendees
  • ·         Listen to vendors and attendees
  • ·         Readjust schedule

 When do you make time for the exhibit hall?

  • ·         Between lectures
  • ·         During lunch breaks
  • ·         Extended hours Thursday
  • ·         When not attending a lecture

How do you keep track of when and where you need to be?

  • ·         Past conferences, my method was paper and pencil marking up a paper schedule. This year, I am adding electronics to my gear, so may be a combination of both. I am not sure that total paperless is for me; someday soon?
  • ·         Write out daily schedule with alternatives
  • ·         My schedule is continually shifting due to new information from other attendees, new speakers I want to hear again, or vendors input.
Thank you for the Ambassador drawing prize! This unexpected extra will go towards vendors’ products.

See you in Fort Wayne, Indiana at the Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference.

24 April 2013

Why Genealogy Conferences?

The Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference (FGS) will be held 21-24 August 2013 in Fort Wayne, IndianaAs with all research trips, advanced planning is necessary. The FGS website offers planning tips and asks a few questions.

Why are you coming to FGS 2013?
  • Education - My ancestors worked with  canals. Originally, the Couch family moved from Rome, New York to Crotty, Illinois in 1856. In Illinois the Schuler family worked on the Illinois and Michigan Canal. I plan to learn more about the canal workers and migration patterns.
  • Research  - I recently found that the Schuler family came into the U.S. in 1833. My great-great-grandfather married in 1838 in Ohio. I want to find out how to research in Ohio.
  • Renew acquaintances - This will be my third FGS Conference.
What are your favorite parts about genealogy conferences?
  • Exhibitors - I want to learn the latest product developments. The exhibitors are very helpful, everyone from the single exhibitor such as Dee Leclair consultant with Creative Memories to Bruce Buzbee the developer of Roots Magic and his staff.
  • Networking - We learn from each other by sharing research.
  • Lectures - The attendee has over 150 lecture, workshop, luncheon, and special event choices.
What are you most looking forward to at FGS 2013?
  • I am most interested in meeting people with the same interest yet different backgrounds and perspectives.
Why should genealogists attend conferences?
  • Genealogists should attend conferences for all of the above reasons and many more that they can add.